Hay Certification

Teton County District Wide Quarantine

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JackSmPurpose – Restricts the entry of non-certified hay or straw into restricted areas of the state and to prevent the introduction of economically and environmentally damaging invasive plant species.

All forage products entering Teton County, Wyoming must be certified as weed free according to the North American Weed Free Forage Standards.  Shipments of non-certified forage products through Teton County are permissible, but the shipment must be completely tarped or inside a closed cab/trailer.

Areas in Wyoming requiring certified weed free hay and straw must be certified to the North American Weed Free Forage certification standards. These areas include but are not limited to: Teton County, Park County, all National Forests and Grasslands, National Park Units, and other federal, state, and local areas within Wyoming.

HayWho should buy Certified Weed Free Forage?

  • Anyone feeding hay to animals which will be going into restricted areas
  • Anyone transporting hay or straw into restricted areas
  • Landowners, renters, and lessees concerned with introducing or spreading weeds onto their land
  • Anyone using straw for bedding animals

In general, anyone using forage products should demand that the product be certified weed free to lessen the chance of spread of injurious invasive weeds.

Approved North American Weed Free Forage Certified Hay Markings:

Special Twine (TCWP preferred, available at cost-share)

Tags (must be on each individual bale, available at cost)
WDA approved Transit Certificate (issued at TCWP office, valid from producer to one destination)

Certificate of Inspection is not a valid marking system for transport.

Teton County, Wyoming offers free hay certification to all growers in Teton County, Wyoming by following the NAISMA standards. http://www.naisma.org/weed-free-forage

Producers: contact TCWP seven days prior cutting hay to schedule a certification visit.