Eco Stewardship

TCWP is a proud member of the Jackson Hole & Yellowstone Sustainable Destination Program, RRR Business Leaders Program, EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program

TCWP and the JHWMA hosted its first Zero Waste Green Event in 2016! It was the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee’s (GYCC) Coordinated Weed Action Days July 19th – 21st, 2016. We had about 80 volunteers camping on the National Elk Refuge for two nights instead of staying in hotels.

TCWP used Slow Food reusable plates and bowls and a wash station from the Snake River Fund for two dinners that were provided. We also provided each volunteer with an aluminum water bottle. We are excited to note that we filled only 3 large trash bags for the entire event.

Some of the other steps TCWP is taking to support our local economy, society, and environment:


Use 100% Green Power
Use daylighting for office work
Keep thermostats at 45 when offices not occupied
Use motion sensing light switches
Upgraded to LEDs for all campus lighting
Instituted some winter tele-working programs
Use energy efficiency settings on workstations
Applying LVE energy audit weatherization recommendations campus-wide

Waste Diversion

Recycle all materials possible
Print on both sides of paper
Use individual hand towels in restrooms to minimize paper towel use
Use rechargeable batteries in GPS units and mosquito traps


Planted native landscape to minimize irrigation needs
Use low flow fixtures in all buildings


Initiated YTCEC Green Fleets audit
Track fuel use for each vehicle to drive replacement decisions
Rightsized TCWP fleet
Optimized mosquito/weed program inter-operability of all vehicles
Encourage carpooling and a four day workweek
Optimized TCWP’s vehicle replacement policy with fuel efficiency as a priority
Installed LED lighting to minimize battery draw when working in right-of ways to avoid idling
Educating all employees on behavioral changes to improve fuel efficiency

Pesticide Use

Encourage an integrated approach to weed and pest control (promoting prevention, biocontrols, source reduction, and cultural controls)
Use and promote reduced risk (EPA fast track) herbicides
Use highly target-specific products to kill mosquitoes