boothThe most important component of integrated pest management (IPM) is prevention. Through education efforts and landowner assistance programs, we are able to multiply many times over, our own capacity to prevent and reduce the impacts of invasive species in Teton County. BUT we cannot do it alone! We can all make a difference! You can help us to Stop Invasive Species in Your Tracks by learning how to PLAY CLEAN GO! (Link to

Protecting our natural resources takes everyone working together.

Join us! If you are a:

  • Landowner
  • Outdoor enthusiast
  • K-12 student
  • Local, state, and federal agency employee
  • Local conservation group
  • Visitor to JH
  • Outdoor recreation related business
  • Or anyone who just LOVES Jackson Hole

We need your help!

We welcome opportunities to work together… Here are some examples of educational opportunities provided by TCWP. Please let us know if you have an event/meeting you’d like us to attend or if you would like to partner with us!

  • AmyReadDisplay booth at various local events presenting outreach campaigns such as Play, Clean, Go;
  • Educational hikes for locals and visitors with government agencies and conservation groups;
  • K-12 lessons in the classroom and outdoor summer camps;
  • Offer various trainings for landowners, summer seasonal staff, and recreationalist including our annual Invasive Species Seminar and Map Invasives JH classes;
  • Distributing educational materials throughout Teton County for recreation businesses and visitor education.

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