EDDMapS West

Are you interested in helping TCWP find invasive species?


Early detection of new invasive species infestations and rapid, coordinated responses are needed to eradicate or contain invasions. Otherwise, they become too widespread and control becomes technically and financially impossible. Prevention and early detection/rapid response efforts are most effective when information is shared at a local level.

It is going to take all of us- land owners, land managers, universities, recreationists, agency personnel, and concerned citizens- working together and sharing information as quickly as possible, to keep ahead of new invaders. We encourage you to use EDDMapS West to report sightings of invasive species in the GYA.

Simply enter information from observations into the standardized on-line data form or with the phone app. Both allow specific info about the infestation and images can be added. Data entered is immediately loaded to the website, allowing real time tracking of species. If data is collected while out of service, the phone app will use GPS to save the location and can be sent as soon as you have cell service. All data is reviewed by state verifiers to ensure accuracy then made freely available. Check out the website and see how easy it is. https://www.eddmaps.org/west/