Weed Services

Due to COVID-19, our operations have changed for summer 2020. Learn more about how to best reach us during these unprecedented times by visiting our COVID RESPONSE PAGE

Property Consultations

Not sure what to do about weeds on your property?  Need help with species identification?  TCWP offers consultations on your property to help identify and formulate a plan to treat species according to your property goals.

Property Mapping

Want a snapshot of your property’s weed situation?  TCWP will walk your property and map invasive species using GIS technology.  Landowners will be provided with an easy to read a map with invasive species color-coded for easy identification and locating.

*Property owner consents to data collection and allows for TCWP usage for program purposes where appropriate.

Invasive Species Management Plans

Following a consultation and mapping session, TCWP will create a management plan tailor-made for your property goals.  Invasive Species Management Plans include photos and descriptions of species, treatment recommendations, and general information with regard to integrated invasive species management.

Land Development Planning

TCWP is happy to assist with creating the necessary management plans for complying with Teton Count LDRs.  Management plans can be written by a private firm, private landowner, or by TCWP.  Visit our Land Development Regulation Compliance page to review the required information.

Equipment Calibration

Have a piece of application equipment but are unsure of how to mix your herbicide?  Schedule an on-site calibration session to check equipment output and condition.  Once the equipment – and you the applicator are calibrated, the appropriate mix rates can be formulated. Visit our video page for more info.


Visit our revegetation page for a guide on how to rehabilitate your property after disturbance or weed control activities.  Need more help?  TCWP can visit your site to discuss your plan and how it could be improved.

Financial Assistance

TCWP sells herbicide at a 50% discount to Teton County residents.

Looking for a Contractor?

Visit our Contact List for 2022 for: Weed control, Tree care, Mosquito treatments, Government agencies, Hydro seeding, Native seed mixes, Irrigation systems, Ponds, and Animal pests.

*All services are offered to Teton County residents at no charge.  Contact our Landowner Program Coordinator, email Lesley Beckworth or call her at 733-8419.

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