TCWP District Board puts the community first: The mill levy reduced and the cost-share program launched

The past few years in Jackson have been a rollercoaster of events. New home buyers are discouraged by the inflated market, renters who used to pay $1200 a month are now forced to pay $2200 for a tiny apartment, and long-time locals are faced with rising property taxes. But don’t lose hope. There are plenty of people who still want to see our community thrive and are willing to take action to make it happen. 

The Teton County Weed and Pest District Board sees the challenges that our county faces and is willing to do something about it. At their regular monthly meeting the board unanimously supported a reduction of the District’s Fiscal Year 23 mill levy to 0.750 of a mill instead of the regular one mill. According to recent estimates, this move will save taxpayers approximately $810,000

Besides the mill levy reduction, the Board is excited to announce their newest operation—the Landowner Cost Share Program. 

If you’re a landowner in Teton County then you are eligible to receive $1,000 per parcel to fight invasive species on your property. The program provides a 50% cost share on herbicides as well as a variety of free resources, plans, consultations, and certifications. This program operates on a first come first serve basis—so sign up today!  

  • Have invasive thistles on your property? We’ll help you pay for the herbicide to get rid of them. 
  • Want personalized expertise to help you create a management plan? We’ll send someone over to work with you one-on-one (for free!).
  • Need a weed free certification for the hay on your ranch? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to check out your land and offer any advice we can give (and it’s always complimentary)

We’ve been working on this new program for several years and are excited to provide this reimbursement program for those working diligently on their invasive weeds – Becker

Dedicated Mosquito Abatement

Plus, TCWP is here for the safety of our public which is why we have a dedicated mosquito abatement and public health team. Throughout the year we conduct our mosquito program to monitor our area for West Nile Virus and other mosquito borne viruses. 

If you are concerned about mosquitoes on your property we can provide prompt on-site consultations to test your area for West Nile Virus, treat mosquito larvae, and help you manage nearby mosquito habitat such as flood irrigated fields, ponds, and other areas with stagnant water. 

For more information check out our mosquito program or text MOSQUITO22 to 313131 for our mosquito text alerts this summer.