Field Scabious

Knautia arvense

Field scabious
British Columbia Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Field scabious is a tap-rooted perennial that reproduces entirely by seed and grows 2-5 feet tall. The entire plant is covered with fine white hairs that can be very stiff toward the base of the plant. The leaves are deeply lobed and often opposite paired; those towards the base of the plant are the largest and get progressively smaller with fewer lobes higher up the plant. The clover-like flowers are light purple and occur terminally, each stem producing a single flower. It is a very prolific seed producer, often producing thousands of seeds per plant.

Field scabious prefers loose, loam soils that are nutrient rich, yet it has shown itself to be a very aggressive invader in riparian areas and irrigated fields.

This plant is considered a relatively new invader to Teton County, with individual plants recorded in various places and the only large infestation in the South Park Loop Road area.

If this plant is found in Teton County please contact us at
(307)-733-8419 for management options.

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