Meadow Knapweed

Centaurea pratensis or C. debeauxii L.

Meadow knapweedMeadow knapweed is a perennial plant of European origin that grows up to 3 ½ feet tall. Its leaves are long, compared to other knapweeds, and the margins may be either entire or toothed. It has large, pink flowers with short, woody bracts. The flowers resemble those of spotted knapweed, although they are generally larger.  Meadow knapweed reproduces both by seed and from the crown of the plant and will grow in a variety of environments where it can displace native vegetation.  Given an opportunity, it will spread further, forming a near monoculture and rendering the land unfit for wildlife.

Currently, there have been two infestations found in Teton County which were successfully removed with no sign of re-growth; however, we do know that this weed species exists in areas near Teton County.  Since this weed is an aggressive invader, Teton County Weed and Pest considers it a high priority for prevention and eradication upon detection.

If you find this weed on your property or around Teton County, please report it immediately at 733-8419.

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