Oxeye Daisy

Chrysanthemum leucanthemum

Oxeye daisyOxeye daisy is a fibrous-root-spreading perennial, reproducing by seed and short roots. The flower of this plant is a yellow disk with many white rays which are daisy-like in appearance. Leaves are relatively narrow, have many lobes, and the leaves get progressively narrower and smaller as they move up the stem.

Often cultivated as an ornamental, Oxeye daisy is a significant threat to Teton County. When escaped it is not readily grazed by wildlife because of its disagreeable taste, and the many lobed leaves act as an irritant to the muzzle of animals. These advantages allow it to aggressively invade native grasslands and displace valuable forage bunch grasses. Oxeye daisy has also shown the adaptability to grow at very high elevations.

In Teton County this invasive species has shown itself to be aggressive in invading hay meadows and anywhere there are moist soils. It has also shown up in ornamental plantings and in wildflower mixes.

This is in no way a desirable plant for Teton County; if you need help in controlling/removing it,
please contact Teton County Weed & Pest District at 733-8419.

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