Skeltonleaf Bursage

Ambrosia tomentosa

Skeletonleaf bursageSkeletonleaf bursage is a creeping-root perennial that grows from 4-18 inches tall. The entire plant has a grayish appearance and the leaves are deeply lobed and toothed. The flowers are inconspicuous and yellow, producing a burred seed with spikes. This plant is a native to the great plains and is one of the only continental native species on the state’s declared list.

This plant belongs to the ragweed tribe of the sunflower family. The ragweeds are a major irritant to people with allergies because they are very prolific pollen producers, relying on the wind to pollinate rather than insects.

Although this plant has yet to be found in significant numbers in Teton County, it still can be seen as a concern because of its ability to invade dry, well-drained sites. Its seed is also an annoyance, not only attaching itself to people and pets, but also having the potential to contaminate wool production. Furthermore, its pollen may be a concern people with allergies.

If you find this weed on your property or around Teton County,
please report it at 733-8419.

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