Whitetop Hoarycress

Cardaria draba & C. pubescens

White-top or Hoary cressWhite-top, also known as hoary cress, is a very aggressive rhizomatous-spreading perennial that grows from 6-24 inches. The stem is rounded, with no ridges, and the leaves are serrated, alternating, and clasping. Often the plant has a lighter, almost gray appearance due to the presence of fine hairs. Since both of these species are members of the mustard family, they have four-petaled flowers that occur in clusters at the top of the plant. The seeds for either of these species are heart or pod shaped.

This is generally one of the first weeds to flower in the spring. It prefers alkaline soils but will invade any disturbed site. Once it becomes established, it is very difficult to control.

For help with controlling this species contact Teton County Weed & Pest District.

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